10 Suggestions On How To Write A Research Paper For 9th Graders

A research paper always seems a mountain that one needs to jump in their studies. Students think that they must spend sleepless nights, go through pain just to ascertain that they have done a research paper. Some students even believe that research can never be something authentic, there must be copying of ideas from somewhere on the internet. In real sense, research is the simplest part of every course where you get to become practical. For ninth graders, follow the following simple instructions.

  1. First understand what you are writing about. It is a once in a blue moon thing that carries all your marks. So you need to be extra careful. Prepare your mind that whatever you are going to face is not business as usual and you therefore need to be composed.

  2. Have the topic in your mind. Having a topic in your mind even before starting to write the paper puts you way ahead of the others. This is because you start building up ideas even before you get to the real thing. In this manner information is going to flow in your brain without any struggles on what to write.

  3. State your thesis. This involves the statement of what you believe and what you are going to defend. Everything you are going to be talking about in the whole research paper should be geared towards proving that this statement is correct.

  4. Have an outline. Make a skeleton of how you are going to present your work. This helps not to leave out any important information. Also makes your work neat and easy to follow through. An outline should contain many words but just reminders.

  5. Organization is something key. Have your work organized according to the outline you have already prepared. Every point you note down should be under a certain topic. Avoid hanging ideas.

  6. Draft for the first time. Attempt to write the paper for the first time not with a lot of carefulness but just to put your ideas on paper. This is not the final copy.

  7. Get the best copy. Revise the previous copy and correct all mistakes. Omit what is not necessary and include what you ha d left out. This is the final copy. Make sure there are no grammatical errors.

  8. A checklist will do better. Have a checklist against which you confirm the requirements of the research paper. If there is an idea you had left out, it will be captured.

  9. Let an expert go through your work. At this point you can get anyone you think is more knowledgeable in the field than you to go through your work to confirm you are doing the right thing.

  10. Have the final copy. You are now safe to print the final copy to present to your academicians. Make sure you use the right font and color in your typing. For more help on how to write research papers, visit this great website.

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