How To Come Up With A Creative Research Paper Title: A Quick Guide

Coming up with a creative research paper title might be the hardest part of the whole writing process. A catchy title attracts readers and helps them understand what your work is about and why it’s worth reading. The following quick guide is useful for those students who want to compose an outstanding paper name for their assignments:

  1. Write a rough draft of your paper first.
  2. Since a good title should sum up what your work is about, it makes sense to write a rough draft before you start to compose the name of your research paper. You should at least prepare an outline and then consider potential title ideas. In other words, there is no need to hurry, as you can change the name of your work later.

  3. Present your work’s theme.
  4. Your title is supposed to help the readers realize whether they’re interested in the theme of your research paper. It should be presented in a clear manner and be informative. You should stay specific, avoid broad terms and concepts, and prepare the audience for your main point.

  5. Keep your readers in mind.
  6. When you’re deciding on title, you should revise your writing and pay special attention to the words you use there and write the same terms and concepts in the work’s name. You can pick a phrase from the text and use it. Remember that it’s advisable to limit yourself to ten-twelve words.

  7. Consider using a key phrase from your sources.
  8. It is fine to use a quote in the name of your research paper, especially in the humanities and liberal arts. This tip is very helpful if you already have a quote in mind. However, make sure to format it correctly and modify it so that the purpose of your research comes through.

  9. Find top-quality examples.
  10. If you procrastinate and can’t come up with a good idea, you should find sample works of other students and learn how they’ve composed the names of their assignments. Good examples can be found in the library and at the college writing center, as well as on the Internet.

  11. Use the formal language.
  12. A research paper is a kind of an academic writing, so you should use a formal language in the whole assignment. You can use a subtitle if necessary. Avoid slang and informal vocabulary but try not to use too many scientific terms. Read the name of your work aloud to ensure that it sounds fine.

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