10 Interesting Research Paper Topics For High School

Writing takes into account many things key among them is the need for understanding topic. However, there are many learners who still fall short of this very important necessity. Over the years, learners have partaken on a number of writing activities some of which include how to formulate topic worth writing on and which at the end of the day, would amount to an award winning research paper. Right from the time one joins high school; changes become evident especially with regard to how students should partake on academic paper writing. For those who always have challenges coming up with meaning topics, one of the key ways through which they can go about it is by looking at writing prompts. This however largely applies to essay writing. For a writing exercise that requires one to have practical knowledge such as writing a research paper, students are advised to broaden their writing approach. Another very important aspect of academic writing every student must look into is how to come up with a research topic which will not only be interesting in it but also yield interest from supervisors and any other prospective reader.

Over the years, research writing in high school has seen students being left to do bulk of the work on their own and this includes topic research. In this regard, it is up to you to come up with something admissible. Well, in a bid to help many learners out there get started with their next high school research writing, this post lists some interesting topic to start with, so read on for details.

  • A study of the causes of global warming

  • A study paper topic on the causes of global terrorism and counter terrorism measures governments should enact into law

  • Investigating major causes of high child mortality rates in low income economies

  • A look at the impacts of Gun control measures on safety of school going American children

  • The impact of Chinese continued collaboration with third world economies on its trade relations with the west

  • Investigating best practices for FGM control in Africa

  • Investigation the correlation between sexuality and academic performance

  • Should high school students be allowed to go to school in civilian clothing? A case study of American schools

  • A case study of best malaria control practices to help curb the deadly disease

  • Investigation the main causes of gendered violence and how they can be controlled.