A Complete Guide On How To Write A Research Paper With In-Text Citations

When it comes to writing research papers, there is hardly a time where you won’t need to include in-text citations. Therefore, you will need to know how to master the art of citing your sources, so that you are able to do it correctly every time. Here is the complete guide to properly citing your sources.


When you are adding citations to your paper, it will be important to make sure that you know which format your paper has to be in. That is because each format is a little different. This guide will use the APA format because it is the most used format.

What it looks like?

When you are adding a citation to your paper, you will put quotation marks around the direct quote. The first half of the quotation will go before the first word in the quote and the other half will go after the last word and after a comma. Then the citation information will be put in parenthesis. The author’s last name will be first, then the date of the publication, and followed by the page number of the source. A period for the sentence will follow. Here is what it will look like.

“This is the direct quote information that you will put in the quotation marks,” (Last, 2010, p. 34).

When you are paraphrasing the material from your source, you will also need to include an in-text citation. This will be similar to what the citation looks like for the direct quote. Here is what it will look like. Notice that no quotations are used.

This is the summary of the material that you will want to talk about. It should be as close to the author’s information but it needs to be expressed in your own words. If you use the same words, then use the direct quote (Last, 2010, p. 47).

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