What Makes A Good Research Paper Thesis: 5 Quick Tips

As this is an essential element of your research paper, it’s important to know how to write a good thesis. All your research and writing is based on the thesis, so it must be done before you can start on anything else. You must first ask custom thesis writing services for help if you don't know what the thesis statement is about.

Purpose of a thesis

Here’s what this statement does:

  • Serves as a road map for your paper. It tells the reader what they can expect from reading the paper

  • Indicates to your reader know how you plan to interpret the subject matter and rate its significance

  • It’s your claim that others are open to dispute

  • Is only one sentence, located at the end of the introduction and is what the entire paper is based on.

How to create it – 5 quick tips

You will likely need a lengthy thinking process before being able to form your statement. Get some feedback from your instructor if necessary. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does it take a position that leaves others the ability to oppose or challenge? You must make an argument. There are always two sides to an argument.

  2. Is the statement specific enough? If there isn’t a strong argument or the statement comes across as being too vague, you need to work on it a little more.

  3. Make sure it has clarity and is connected to the issues you are addressing.

  4. Will your paper support your statement and not wander off? If it will wander off, then the statement is not solid enough.

  5. Does it pass the how and why test? If not, your statement is still too broad and needs to be narrowed significantly.

Common mistakes to avoid

  • A statement that’s too broad or vague

  • A statement that’s not arguable

  • A statement that includes multiple points rather than one main point

  • Writing it as a question

  • Writing the statement as an observation or fact

  • Providing too much detail, making the statement clumsy and large

Points to remember

Your statement is what gives life to your writing and drives your paper forward. Although there are many different kinds of statements you can make for different kinds of papers, the research paper specifically calls for a statement that’s in the form of a claim about the issue, topic or problem under discussion.

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