A List Of 10 Best Research Paper Topics For High School

Given space to write about anything you’re comfortable with can sometimes be a pain in the butt. It sounds great to research about anything of your choice until you realize that you have nothing in mind you want to dig through the internet for. Below are some topics you might find interesting.

  • School Stress: You would be surprised at the number of people who committed suicide due to the amount of stress through which school has put them. Is the education system ideal for young students who have conflicting hormones at war inside their biological system? You can also look up other school systems around the globe and compare them; mentioning what you think is the most ideal and why. Don’t forget to provide strong evidence.

  • Shame and Shyness: We grow up subjected to a lot of things we’re taught to be ashamed of, especially anything that crosses the prude line and creeps into the promiscuous world. Why is one ashamed of sexuality? Or rather; why is one brought up to be ashamed of it? You can use Plato’s work on shame as a reference. Do some brief reading about the science of shyness and shame before you begin writing and make sure you cite anything that isn’t of your own explanation and words.

  • Sports: Being athletic is a great way to keep fit, but somehow it has this odd effect on students in High School. For some reason, cheerleaders are automatically attractive, and the football team is basically the cool squad. Of course, this isn’t mean girls, but it’s somewhat true that anyone who does sports in school is deemed attractive or cool. Is it linked to physical fitness? Are people naturally drawn to those who are more concerned with their health, and are in turn attracted to those who are more physically fit because it reflects that they’re of good health? There’s your topic.

  • Language: This may not sound too interesting as we suggest it, but if you browse the internet a little, you’ll find that the origin of language is a lot more complicated that you imagined. You can use Victoria Fromkin’s books as reference.

  • Personality: have you ever stopped to wonder why you have the personality you do now? It’s a little creepy to realize that one’s psyche is never unique. Everyone psychological behavior is but fragments of influences gained from other sources. Make sure you use accredited medical websites and not Read it for reference.

Those are our top five topics that you can write about to flaunt to your teacher about how super educated and philosophical you are. Don’t forget to cite your work or you will get accused of plagiarism.

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