10 Brilliant Quantitative Economics Research Paper Ideas For High School

High school students are new to creating research papers. Creating them at this level will prepare the student for the many term papers that will be assigned in college. If the student develops some good techniques at this level, he will have more success once he reaches the college level. Here are 10 brilliant quantitative economics research paper ideas for high school:

  1. Has the change in household size over the years affected the economy?

  2. Is the price of gasoline related to demand or price of oil?

  3. Has public consumption changed over the years?

  4. How has the increase in minimum wage affected small business?

  5. Has the new health insurance laws threatening small business?

  6. What happens to student loans if students fail to graduate from college?

  7. Does unemployment directly affect changes in consumption?

  8. Is the economy causing some home health care workers to disappear?

  9. Does the change in population directly affect economic growth?

  10. How does divorce affect the economic outlook for older women?

If you follow the same routine for creating a research paper, you will have more success once you get to college. Pay attention to the following key features of how to develop a great term paper:

  1. Don’t procrastinate! Start your paper as early as you can so you don’t feel pressured with a deadline. If you are relaxed you will be able to concentrate on the content of your paper instead of completing your paper.

  2. Research your topic thoroughly and keep your notes organized. Try to use at least three different sources for your data retrieval. Keep your notes organized with index cards so that when you need to access the information you will be able to find what you need.

  3. Create an outline of your paper. This is an extremely important step that most people skip. Don’t make that mistake because it is an excellent way of organizing your thoughts and keeping your paper in a good flow. Put all of your main points into your outline so you won’t forget anything important.

  4. Have someone else read your rough draft that you create from your outline. It is good to have a second set of eyes to give you insight to any changes that should be made. Make sure you edit your final draft so there is no grammar or spelling errors.

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