Choosing A Topic For A High School Research Paper About Innovations

Innovations are essential for the progress of our society. It’s hard to keep track of them as they are created constantly. Therefore, there’s a wide range of topics in terms of novelties to write about at high school. Despite the abundance of things to discuss, selecting a theme to dwell on isn’t so easy.

Tips to Choose a Research Paper Topic

To facilitate your choice, we’ve elaborated a set of steps to follow when facing a choice. Here they are:

  • Define the circle of your interests.
  • It’s always easier to write about the things you’re enthusiastic about. Your grade depends on your ability to get immersed into the subject, which becomes much easier if you like what you write about.

  • Think of some inventions you already know.
  • Writing about something known to you will definitely simplify this process. Moreover, you’ll have to carry out less research and manage to save time for writing.

  • Limit the topic.
  • Do your best to make your theme more specific. It’s good to think of a particular area where innovations have been developed. The first idea that will come to your mind is likely to be too broad. Keep narrowing it as much as you can.

  • Study other sources.
  • If the topic is still too unclear, you might need to get the information from the library or web-based resources. You could visit a few well-known sites specializing in presenting various inventions.

  • Make a list of ideas.
  • When you’ve identified the area of your interest, you can jot down a list of thoughts and key phrases associated with it. After a while you’ll see which of them could form the core of your research paper.

  • Consult your scientific advisor.
  • It’s always appropriate to go to your advisor with a list of topics you’ve already created to get his feedback and see if he finds them topical enough.

Suggested Topics on Innovations for Writing at High School

  • Is it better for a company to create or purchase innovations?

  • What is the trigger of innovations?

  • What makes a brand: innovations or advertizing campaign?

  • What determines the success of new inventions?

  • Is there any correlation between innovations and a country’s well-being?

  • What’s the reason behind the failure of many companies?

  • What is the process of evolution of new technologies?

  • Why do many innovations fail to become popular?

  • Which makes new technologies popular: their good quality or pulling stings?

  • Should innovations be eco-friendly or just useful?

  • Are innovations based on some new invention or a useful combination of the existing systems?

  • What is better: innovations or stability?