A Complete Manual for a Writing a Research Paper Body on Child Abuse


Research papers, above all others, must provide evidence through research that back up your claims and thesis statement. The goal of a paper is to provide a showcase of your insights and strong research capabilities into your topic. You’ll want to use highly reliable sources.

Researching Child Abuse

In an essay on child abuse, your sources might come from psychiatric/psychological journals, or statistical resources, or social resources. A reference librarian, your instructor, and the internet can help.

I find professors and reference librarians to be the best place to start.

The Structure of Research Papers

  • An introduction
  • An introduction which clearly lays out your topic and is interesting enough to make your reader want to keep reading. In an essay on child abuse, you could use alarming statistics to interest and, literally, shock your reader—at the sheer numbers of abused children alone.

  • A clearly stated thesis—
  • A thesis statement is your “In this essay, I’m going to focus on “this aspect of the child abuse problem in America/India/China, etc…” It tells your reader what will be the focus of your paper.

  • The Body Paragraphs
  • The body paragraphs are the place where you provide evidence of this thesis through gathering reliable researchers’ data to back up your most important claims.

    To find out the most reliable sources for your claims, try Google-ing “what are the best (or definitive) social sciences journals on the topic of child abuse (add area your researching: America or another country, for example).

  • Conclusion
  • Conclusions in research papers are a summing up of your major points in the light of all your research. Think of it as “From this research it becomes obvious that” place for stepping back from the argument to look at the topic from a distance given what you and the reader have learned from your writing.

    Focusing on Body Paragraphs in Research Papers

    The best way to understand body paragraphs is to picture them with a topic sentence clearly stated. You may want to start with a very simplistic skeleton of topic sentences.

    Body paragraph one topic sentence: First point you want to make about child abuse

    Body paragraph two topic sentence: Second major point you want to make about child abuse

    Body paragraph three topic sentence: Third major point on child abuse

    Within these paragraphs you combine clear statements and scholars’ opinions to back up these statements, viewpoints, and opinions.

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