How To Compose An Effective Research Concept Paper Outline

The concept paper is a base of a whole dissertation writing process. In fact, it is a specific form of introduction that is used between the student and the doctoral committee. The research concept paper serves as a proposal for the creation of a serious research work.

The student should state the aims of the research and receive feedbacks on his or her research projects. The writing of a research concept paper outline is an important means of organizing and structuring of the scientist’s thoughts. Various academic programs can demand a different amount of pages that should be included into the concept paper.

Read the information on the effective research concept paper outline writing tips that should be taken into consideration during your own scientific work.

  • State the topic clearly.
  • The thesis of your research paper should briefly describe the goal of your work. Use strong sentences that will create a clear picture of your project. The outline doesn’t require long descriptions, so try to avoid them, if possible.

  • Determine the purpose of your work.
  • The purpose of work is the most important thing that should be written in the outline because it gives the vital data on the subject of your studies. Determine the purpose and write about the perspectives of the studying of the following topic.

  • State major and minor points.
  • The things that you are going to study and describe in the text should be divided into major and minor ones. The most important points can include minor points. Try to state them clearly, so that the readers could easily understand your ideas.

  • Avoid irrelevant information.
  • The outline should consist of only the essential information. Try to get rid of the material that looks unnecessary or that can be omitted.

  • Use short general phrases.
  • When you are working on the outline, you shouldn’t be too concrete. Give only brief information that describes the general state of affairs. Avoid using long structures as they are undesired in the outline.

  • Use keywords.
  • Each concept paper requires the keywords. Use them in your outline to highlight the concepts that you are researching. These special words will also serve you as a memory trigger and you will be able to quickly remember the information.

  • Stick to the structure.
  • The structure is always very important and you have to express your thoughts step-by-step. Try to find the samples where you can read a consecutive brief plan, where all the points will be logically written. Try to copy the sequence of the points to make the outline more logical.