How To Do A College Term Paper Outline Properly: Good Strategies

A quality outline will make your college term paper easy and enjoyable to write. It gives you an idea of the points you will be dealing with and the order in which they will appear on your paper. Generating an outline will enable you to organize your work and produce the best paper. Here is how to create a strong outline for your paper.

Get a Sample Outline

A sample outline shows you how your final plan will appear. Ensure that the sample you get is from a credible source. This will avoid the confusion of using the wrong outline or format when writing your paper. The reliable sources of high quality outlines include:

  • Library

  • From your tutor

  • Credible online writing services providers

  • Seniors and colleagues in the same department or discipline

Identify a Topic

A topic or area of study is not necessarily the title of your paper. It is a broader area that will guide your research. It should be within the scope of your unit or course and be chosen with the approval of your tutor. It must be relevant to your area of study as well as be interesting to write about.

List the Main Ideas

The main ideas are discussion points to support your thesis. They should be listed in the order that they pop up in your mind. Consider the title of your paper such that if you will be dealing with a list, you will generate a list or where it is a process, your points will be orderly from the first action to the last.

Provide Flesh to Your Points

The outline for your college term paper should include subtopics to support your main ideas. Identify the sources of such supporting ideas which may include journals, documentaries, books, magazines, internet, etc. They are listed below each main point.


Considering that the points were written in a haphazard manner, it is time to reorganize the work. Identify the strongest points and list them at the top. Ensure that a strong point appears at the end to give your essay a resounding conclusion.


Review your outline to ensure that all points are thoroughly covered. Ensure that each point is adequately supported and eliminate any point that does not add value to your paper. The review should establish whether you have sufficient reference materials to support your work. Create the outline on a new page and begin working on your paper.