Things To Consider Before Crafting An Abstract For A Research Paper

When your write a research paper, you need to take care of all the quadrants so there is no mistake; whether intentional or inadvertent. All the segments have to be kept on low heat and simmered till they reach the perfect temperature.

An important quotient

The abstract is an important quotient of the paper and although it is too puny in size in relation with the entire paper, many students commit crucial errors in carving this. You have to consider the following points while shaping it –

  • The denouement must not be revealed – Although it is good to be forward-deployed, there is poetry in keeping information till the moment when the revelation is most impacting. You cannot tell all at the start itself; and so you need to make sure that the beans are not spilled.

  • The shape and size – The abstract is written under a plan capital heading ABSTRACT and is not indented. It spans a paragraph or two and is written in double spacing in 12 pts Times New Roman font. It shall not exceed 400 words even if the paper is humongous and long.

  • The pertinent points – You have to present your grounding in the topic in a remarkable way by placing the relevant points that describe the topic in essence. You need to express how you plan to pass all barriers and meet a solution. Try to think of innovative and poignant points.

  • Objectivity – The abstract is written in an objective format in 3rd person. This is another essential aspect of the segment which you cannot ignore, even if you think warmly about the topic.

  • Clarity and crispness – The writing style should clear and crisp and it should automatically work towards infusing curiosity in readers. You can take a look at the various research paper abstracts to ingrain a similar style of writing. It is of course better to be in the writing habit.

  • Smooth transition – Although distinct, the abstract should have the flexibility to relate to the subsequent segment and actually lead to it. You can of course make use of the thesis statement and proceed to strengthen it to the core, as a standing strategy.

Taking the essence

You should ideally write the Abstract and the Literature Review at the end. By then, you will have a thorough idea of what you want to relay and how. You will be able to think clearly and evoke bold sentiments.

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