Crafting A Strong Literary Research Paper Thesis Statement

Okay, so it is time for you to craft your literary research paper thesis statement and it needs to be strong. I don’t know what it is about thesis statements that scares the life out of students but it is a well-documented fact that they do. Typically only a page or two in length it really isn’t that difficult to put together provided that you approach it with a can do, positive attitude. So, the way I see it you have two choices:

  • Hide under your duvet and hope that the problem is going to go away

  • Knuckle down and write the thesis statement that has been lying dormant inside of you

So, just how do you craft a strong literary research paper thesis statement?

Lose your awe

As I have already alluded to one of the biggest barriers that students face is their preconceived fear of the thesis statement. Accept it for what it is and embrace it and before long you will wonder just what all of the full was about.

Be prepared to do whatever it takes

The phrase doing whatever it takes can be interpreted in several different ways. For some it means:

  • Putting in the minimal amount of effort to get through the task

  • Getting someone else to do it for you

For me, it means being prepared to sit up all night if that is what it takes to nail it. How you interpret it is entirely up to you, but choose wisely!

Come up with the bones first

Just like you will write your dissertation in several parts, then your statement should be no different. Do not be afraid to simply get the bones of the statement down before fleshing it out. It doesn’t have to be word perfect initially. In fact, attempting to do it that way will only serve to hinder your progress. Get the bones in place and the skeleton should practically dress itself.

Stay on message

There is nothing to be gained from going off message and waffling. Your carefully crafted work should be tight and it should clearly state the whole purpose of your dissertation. If there is the faintest glimmer of doubt or uncertainty in there, then the vultures aka your tutor and readers will be sure to pick up on it and pick you apart.