How To Cite Things In Your Literature Research Paper: 5 Tips And Tricks

One of the most important parts in literature research paper is the citation section. The author normally uses information from various sources to support what he or she is talking about. If you want to master this part, you need to read and comprehend the following 5 important tips and tricks. Simply do not blink and you will have everything done the right way:

Get reliable sources

Once you know that you want to cite important information that will help you in your content, you need to get strong and reliable sources. There are people who normally cite wrong resource materials and therefore, the information given is not pertinent. Make sure you avert from this. A reliable source is one whose information has been commented n positively by other people and also, has been included in a wide range of other writings.

Write the name of the author followed by the title

In making your citation, the name of the author is written first and then followed by the title of the book you are referring to. However, this might not be the same formatting in all the writing styles. It depends on the style you have been asked to employ in your writing. In other cases, there might be more than one author. Here, you can choose to write the names of all of them or alternatively, write the name of the first author and then followed by the name “et al”, usually to represent the rest of the co-authors.

Where the author has written more than one book

There are cases where you want to site more than two books but to your surprise, you find out that they are both written by a single author. Here, you do not have to change the sources. All you need to do is simply to write the full names of the author and in the next set of sources, all you need to give is the first name of the author, followed by the initials for the sir name and the second name.

Numbering the citations and the use of indentation

Normally, most of the writing styles demand that there is need to number all the citations. Moreover, after citing the first line, the second one should be indented such that it needs to begin one inch from the left margin. This is what is employed in most of the writings.